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Create or edit QuickBooks letter templates

You can customize the look and content of your QuickBooks letters by editing existing QuickBooks letter templates or creating new ones. A QuickBooks letter template is a Microsoft Word document that combines text with QuickBooks data fields.

  1. Open the Letters and Envelopes wizard for customizing letter templates.

    You can open the Letters and Envelopes wizard from an invoice, from a center, or from the Company menu:

    • From an invoice

      1. Go to the Customers menu and click Create Invoices.

      2. Click the Letters drop-down arrow and then click Customize Invoice Letter Templates.

    • From a center

      1. Click the Customers icon, Vendors icon, or Employees icon.

      2. Click the Customers & Jobs, Vendors, or Employees tab.

      3. Choose Word > Customize Letter Templates.

    • From the Company menu

      1. Choose Company > Prepare Letters with Envelopes.

      2. Click Customize Letter Templates.

  2. Choose what you want to do.

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