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Prepare letters to customers, vendors, or employees

About preparing Microsoft Word letters using QuickBooks data

  1. Open the Letters and Envelopes wizard.

    Expandoed text for ways to display wizard
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions in the Letters and Envelopes wizard.

    What if I don't see the type of letter I want to send?

    To do this task

    1. If you don't see the type of letter you want to send, create a new letter template or modify an existing one.

    2. When the wizard presents the list of letter templates, click Create or edit a letter template and follow the onscreen instructions.

    When you're finished, a Word document containing the letters opens.

  3. Save and print the letters in Microsoft Word.

    What if the text **MISSING*INFORMATION** appears in one or more of the letters?

    When the words **MISSING*INFORMATION** appear in a letter, the QuickBooks field used for that letter template is missing information for that customer, vendor, or employee.

    To do this task

    1. Edit the letter in Word to correct the information and continue working.

    2. Go back in to QuickBooks and update the information in that field.

  4. (Optional) Continue in the wizard to print envelopes for your letters.

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