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Insert fields into QuickBooks letter templates

Predefined QuickBooks letter fields are available from the QuickBooks toolbar.

Opening and using the QuickBooks toolbar

When you choose Create a new letter template from the Letters and Envelopes wizard, Microsoft Word opens with the QuickBooks toolbar at near the top of the window. The toolbar represents the possible data fields you can use in your letter, based on the letter type you selected. QuickBooks data will be substituted for these fields when the template is used to prepare an actual letter.

If you don't see the toolbar (for example, if you closed it earlier), you can reopen it.

To open the QuickBooks toolbar

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In Word 2000, 2002, and 2003, go to View > Toolbars.

    • In Word 2007 go to Add-Ins.

  2. Click the QuickBooks toolbar for the type of letter template you're using.

To insert fields when creating a letter template

  1. Click in the QuickBooks letter template where you want to insert a field.

  2. Click a QuickBooks field from the submenu in the QuickBooks letter fields toolbar.

    The selected field appears at the insertion point. In the final letter, QuickBooks information will appear where you've inserted the field. Remember to add a space between fields just as you would if you were manually entering the information.

  3. Depending on the kind of letter template you're creating, format and edit the letter. Your formatting selections will appear in the final letter.

Format the fields as you would in any Word document.

Important: If you are using QuickBooks window envelope templates, be aware that any changes to the letter format may cause the address fields to be incorrectly placed.

Saving your work

If you edit an existing letter template, remember to save it with a different name so that your edited versions are preserved if you have to reinstall QuickBooks. If you save an edited letter template with the same name as the original one, your changes will be lost when you reinstall.

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