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Create original letter templates

Creating or editing QuickBooks letter templates

  1. Open the Letters and Envelopes wizard for customizing letter templates.

    You can open the Letters and Envelopes wizard from an invoice, from a center, or from the Company menu:

    • From an invoice

      1. Go to the Customers menu and click Create Invoices.

      2. Click the Letters drop-down arrow and then click Customize Invoice Letter Templates.

    • From a center

      1. Click the Customers icon, Vendors icon, or Employees icon.

      2. Click the Customers & Jobs, Vendors, or Employees tab.

      3. Go to the Word menu and click Customize Letter Templates.

    • From the Company menu

      1. Choose Company > Prepare Letters with Envelopes.

      2. Click Customize Letter Templates.

  2. In the Letters and Envelopes window, click Create a Letter Template from Scratch and then click Next.

  3. Click the type of letter template you're creating.

    Your choice affects where your letter template will be available. For example, when you prepare a collection letter, you can choose from the list of collection letters that come with QuickBooks as well as any that you created.

  4. Name the template.

    Note: Remember to make the name unique so that you don't overwrite an existing letter template you might want to use later.

    A blank letter template opens in Microsoft Word.

  5. Write and format the letter template in Microsoft Word.

    While you're working in Word, use the QuickBooks toolbar to insert fields into your letters.

    Customer letter fields

    If you don't see the QuickBooks toolbar you can reopen it. In Word 2000, 2002, and 2003, go to View > Toolbars. In Word 2007 go to Add-Ins.

  6. Save the document in Word using the document name you entered in QuickBooks.

  7. To use this template immediately, return to the Letters and Envelopes wizard and click Use Template, then follow the onscreen instructions to prepare your letters.

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