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About ODBC in QuickBooks

If you are currently an ODBC user, you must go to the Go online ODBC page to download the driver that is compatible with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 8.0.

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is a standard that allows different applications to communicate and exchange data with each other. Through ODBC, you can create spreadsheets in Excel, tables in Access, and reports in such ad hoc report writers as Crystal Reports that reflect your real-time QuickBooks data.

You can also use this feature to design your own reports (even combining data from multiple company files), personalize invoices, create mail merges, etc. In addition, you can write your own queries using Structured Query Language (SQL).

Intuit has formed an alliance with Intuit Developer Network member FLEXquarters to provide a read-only ODBC driver for QuickBooks data, allowing you to share data between QuickBooks and hundreds of other applications. For additional functionality, you can upgrade to a read/write driver.

Creating reports with ODBC

For information, examples, and tutorials on using the QuickBooks ODBC driver with other applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Crystal Reports, please refer to the Go online ODBC page.

Database schema for QuickBooks ODBC driver

For a comprehensive list of the data tables and fields you can access using the QuickBooks ODBC driver, please refer to the GO onlineODBC page.

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