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Export customer or vendor data to an Excel or CSV file

About exporting data to an Excel or CSV file

Using the Customer or Vendor Center, you can export data about the people you do business with and the transactions associated with them.

What fields are exported?

QuickBooks exports all customer fields that can be imported except for Preferred Send Method, Price Level, and Preferred Payment Method.

QuickBooks exports all vendor fields that can be imported.

To export customer or vendor data

  1. Click the Center containing the list you want to export.

  2. Display the customers or vendors you want to export.

    1. If necessary, click the Customers & Jobs or Vendors tab.

    2. (Optional) Click the View drop-down arrow and select a filter.

      By filtering the list, you can determine whether QuickBooks exports all list entries or only those that meet certain criteria.

  3. In the Center, click the Excel drop-down arrow and select Export Customer List or Export Vendor List.

  4. In the Export window, choose whether to create a new worksheet, update an existing worksheet, or export to a comma separated values (.csv) file.

  5. Click the Export button.

You can also export transactions displayed in the Transactions tab.

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