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What's important about the Mappings window

The Mappings window lets you create and edit how you want the information in your worksheet to match up with available fields in QuickBooks.

When you create a mapping, you create 1-to-1 pairings between QuickBooks fields and columns in your worksheet.

Mapping name

The name of the mapping you want to create or edit. You can have multiple mappings.

Import Type

Click a type from the drop-down list. Choose from customers, vendors, items, or accounts.

QuickBooks column

Contains the fields in QuickBooks you can map to. Available fields change depending on the Import Type you choose.

Import data column

Contains the columns from your Excel or CSV worksheet that can be mapped to QuickBooks fields.

The drop-down list displays either column letters (A, B, C) or column headings (First Name, Phone, and so on) depending on two things:

  • Whether or not your worksheet contains column headings

  • Whether or not you selected the This data file has header rows checkbox in the Import a file window

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