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What's important about the Send Report to Excel window

From this window, you tell QuickBooks how to export a report to Excel. You can:

  • Create a new Excel worksheet (in a new or existing workbook)

    1. In a new workbook:

      1. Select in new workbook.

      2. Click the Export button.

      3. Save the report in Excel if you plan to update or use it later.

    2. In an existing workbook:

      1. Select in existing workbook.

      2. Click the Browse button and locate the Excel workbook.

      3. Click the Export button. QuickBooks creates a new worksheet in the selected workbook.

  • Update or replace an existing worksheet

    Select Update an existing worksheet to update an existing worksheet with data from this report. Or select Replace an existing worksheet to overwrite an existing worksheet. The existing worksheet should be based on the same report you already sent to and saved in Excel.

    1. Select either Update an existing worksheet or Replace an existing worksheet.

    2. Click the Browse button and locate the Excel workbook.

    3. Click the Select a sheet drop-down arrow and select the worksheet you want to update or replace.

    4. Click the Export button.

    When you update an existing worksheet, QuickBooks preserves your formatting and many other changes you might have made, including:

    • Renamed column and row headings

    • Formatting changes such as font colors and size

    • New columns and rows you inserted

    • Most Excel formulas you updated or created

    Important: You should send the same report you used to create the Excel report you want to update. Don't add columns or change the structure of the report. Only the report data should change, based on new or changed transactions, or a different date range. The report must be sent from the same company file.

    If QuickBooks uncovers formulas that are missing data or can't be updated for other reasons, you'll see an alert page with instructions on how to proceed. You can choose to accept the changes or adjust your formulas to work with the new report.

    In some cases, QuickBooks might not understand why you created certain formulas in specific locations. In those cases, QuickBooks will make adjustments, which you can review and correct, if necessary.

  • Send it to a comma separated values (.csv) file

Advanced button

Click the Advanced button to turn various Microsoft Excel features on or off.

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