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Advanced options for exporting data to Excel

When you export data to Excel, you can use advanced options to format the spreadsheet and turn Excel features on and off.

QuickBooks options

The formatting options preserve the look of QuickBooks reports. What if I'm not exporting a report?

If you're not exporting a report (for example, if you're exporting your Item List), QuickBooks formats the spreadsheet using the fonts and colors that QuickBooks uses for list reports. To make it easier to work with and reimport the data in the spreadsheet, QuickBooks turns off the option to preserve the space between columns.

Row height (reports only)

Adjusts the row height in Microsoft Excel to match the spacing above rows in the QuickBooks report.

This spacing provides a visual indication of the relationship between report data, subtotals, totals, and other calculations.

Excel options


Adjusts the width of each column to fit the data. For example, a column displaying account names would appear wide enough to display the longest account name.

Freeze panes

Keeps the column headers and row labels in place as you scroll. This option is especially useful for large amounts of data, since you continue to see the names of rows and columns as you move within the spreadsheet.

  1. To turn this option off, open Microsoft Excel.

  2. Choose Window > Remove Split.

Show Gridlines

Displays horizontal and vertical lines between cells in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Auto Outline

Enables you to collapse and expand sections of the report within Microsoft Excel.

Selecting this checkbox turns on the outlining feature within Microsoft Excel. To learn more about this feature, refer to the Help that comes with Microsoft Excel.

Auto Filtering

Enables you to filter data within Microsoft Excel by choosing from a drop-down list at the top of each column.

Selecting this checkbox turns on the Auto Filtering feature within Microsoft Excel. To learn more about this feature, refer to the Help that comes with Microsoft Excel.

Create backup worksheet during update

Note: This option is available only if you're updating an existing worksheet.

Creates a backup of a worksheet before updating it. If you don't want to create a backup, click to clear the checkbox. In Excel, the backup worksheet is labeled "Sheet1_Original," where "Sheet1" is the name of the updated worksheet.

Printing options

Send header to Page Setup in Excel

Places the header at the top of each page when the spreadsheet is printed from Excel.

The header is used when printing, but doesn't appear on screen.

  1. To view and modify the header, open Microsoft Excel.

  2. Choose View > Header and Footer.

Send header to screen in Excel (reports only)

Displays the header on screen at the top of the Excel spreadsheet. When you print the spreadsheet, the header appears only on the first page.

Repeat row labels on each page

Repeats row labels on each page when printing from Excel.

This option affects spreadsheets that are more than 1 page wide. For these spreadsheets, repeating the labels helps you identify the contents of each row.

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