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Set up your Excel or CSV file for importing account data

Preparing your Excel or CSV file for import into QuickBooks

Use the column headings below when you prepare your file for importing account data into QuickBooks. For the data contained in the rows below the column headers, follow the guidelines in the table when preparing or entering the data.

  • ACCOUNT TYPE (Required): The type of account

    • Accounts payable

    • Accounts receivable

    • Bank

    • Credit card

    • Cost of goods sold

    • Equity

    • Other expense

    • Other income

    • Expense

    • Fixed asset

    • Income

    • Long term liability

    • Other asset

    • Other current asset

    • Other current liability

  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: The account number of the account

  • ACCOUNT NAME (Required): The name of an account in your chart of accounts. Note: If you're importing a child (or sub) entry for a parent (or main) entry, the parent entry must already exist in order for the child entry to be imported correctly.

  • DESCRIPTION: A brief description of the account.

  • BANK ACCT. NO/CARD NO./NOTE: The account number of the account.

  • OPENING BALANCE: The opening balance of the account.

  • AS OF (DATE): A date.

  • REMIND ME TO ORDER CHECKS: When you use the check number you enter here, you're reminded to order checks.


  • INCOME ACCOUNT FOR REIMB. EXPENSES: Enter the name of the income account that you use to track the above reimbursed expenses.

  • ACCOUNT IS INACTIVE: Enter Yes, No, Active, or Not-Active.

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