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Add data to QuickBooks using formatted spreadsheets

Watch a 6-minute tutorial about adding data using formatted spreadsheets

Tip (lightbulb) If you prefer, you can copy and paste your data from Excel directly into QuickBooks.

When you use our formatted Excel spreadsheets to add your customer, vendor, or product data to QuickBooks, you perform 3 steps:

  • Select the type of data you want to add and copy it from your existing spreadsheet into the QuickBooks spreadsheet

  • Fix errors and add that copied data to your QuickBooks company file

  • Fix remaining errors and view your data in QuickBooks

What if my data isn't in an Excel spreadsheet?

QuickBooks will walk you through adding your data. Fields in the formatted spreadsheet are probably organized differently from the way you've organized the data in your spreadsheet, so it's important to follow the instructions carefully.

Using the formatted spreadsheets

Go to the File menu, click Utilities, click Import, and then click Excel Files.

Make sure your existing Excel spreadsheet is open so that you can copy information from it into the QuickBooks spreadsheet and then click the links below for detailed instructions about performing each step.

Note: QuickBooks also provides an advanced import feature that uses data mapping. For detailed information, see About importing data from an Excel or CSV file.

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