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Fix errors caused by adding data to QuickBooks

You should fix errors that are reported when you're adding data to QuickBooks because records with errors won't be added to your company file. These instructions tell you how to fix errors when using the add data wizard to add information.

To do this task

When you review your results in step 3 of the add data wizard, the number of errors is shown.

  1. In step 3 of the add data wizard, click Open Error File to open the error file in Excel.

  2. Errors are highlighted in yellow. Rest the pointer over the yellow cell to view a comment about the problem and solution.

  3. Perform the task listed as the solution and repeat for all errors in yellow.

  4. Save the file, making note of the filename and location, and then close Excel.

  5. Return to the wizard, go back to step 2, and click Browse.

  6. Browse to the location where you saved the error file. The default filename is Import_(data type)1-Errors.xls and the default location is your My Documents folder.

  7. Click the Add my Data Now button.

  8. If you fixed all errors, the wizard contains a button beneath step 3 to view your data. Click the View (data type) List button and review your added information in QuickBooks.

    If you didn't fix all errors, repeat steps 1 through 7 to fix the remaining errors.

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