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Add data or browse and select data to add

Tip (lightbulb)Be sure you added your data to the specially formatted spreadsheet and saved it before you start this task.

Note: We recommend that you print this topic before you start.

Follow these steps to resume working on a spreadsheet you previously added data to, and to add data from the spreadsheet to QuickBooks.

To do this task

  1. If the Add Your Excel Data to QuickBooks window is not open, go to the File menu and select Utilities.

  2. Select Import and then click Excel Files. The Add Your Excel Data to QuickBooks window opens.

  3. To tell QuickBooks where you saved the spreadsheet that contains your data, click Browse or Find It Now. (The button you see depends on when you added your data to the spreadsheet.)

  4. Find the spreadsheet you pasted your data into and select the file so the name shows in the Browse field.

    Browse to and select your data in step 2
  5. (Optional) To open the spreadsheet and continue working on it, click Edit My Saved Spreadsheet. Make changes and save the spreadsheet. You can save and close the spreadsheet and return to it again to add and change data.

  6. After you've located and selected the spreadsheet, click Add My Data Now. When the add process is finished, you'll see a summary of the results.

Note: Checkmark that shows the step is completeCheckmarks show the steps you've completed.

Next, you'll review the results of the data you added. If there were errors, you can fix them.

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