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Select a type of synchronization

The choice you make determines which programs are updated when you perform a synchronization.

Two way: A two-way synchronization updates data simultaneously in QuickBooks and your contact manager. For example, if Brian Cook is on the Customers & Jobs list in QuickBooks, but not in your contact manager database, synchronizing adds Brian as a new contact to your contact manager. If at the same time Johnny Melton is categorized as a QB Customer in your contact manager, but is not on the Customers & Jobs list in QuickBooks, synchronizing adds Johnny to the Customers & Jobs list. At the end of a two-way synchronization, records in QuickBooks and your contact manager agree with each other.

One way: A one-way synchronization updates data in either QuickBooks or your contact manager, but not both. When you select One way, you must also select a direction for the synchronization, either QuickBooks to your contact manager or your contact manager to QuickBooks. If you plan to make changes to data in only one application, then a one way synchronization is probably best for you.

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