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Select Outlook folder(s)

To do this task
  1. Click Browse to select the Outlook folders that contain contact data you want to synchronize with QuickBooks.

Do I need to select folders?

Only if you use multiple folders in Outlook (some people don't). If you do use Outlook folders, you need to identify which ones are important to your business operations and which ones are not. The folders you select are the ones that are compared against the Customer:Job, Vendor, and Other Name lists in QuickBooks. Folders you don't select are ignored when you synchronize. Such a folder might contain personal contacts unrelated to your business.

Do all contacts in a selected folder get synchronized?

Not necessarily. Contacts in Outlook must also be categorized appropriately so that QuickBooks knows which list to synchronize them with. Uncategorized contacts are not synchronized, even if they are in one of the folders you selected for synchronization. Also, contacts categorized as Personal or Private are not synchronized unless you specify—later in this wizard—that you want them to be.

You must also select a default folder

Names from QuickBooks that are new to Outlook go in the default folder. When you select several folders for synchronization, you can control which one receives names from QuickBooks by making it the default. If you don't select a default folder, the first folder you select automatically becomes the default.

When you click Browse, the Selected Folders list shows the default folder in bold. To make a different folder the default, select it and click Default.

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