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When contact names don't synchronize

In the setup wizard, check the following:

  • Did you select the correct Outlook folders?

    Synchronization only works with the Outlook folders you selected in the setup wizard. Contact names in a different database, or in other folders, won't be synchronized. To select a different database or folders, run the wizard again.

  • Did you select all the QuickBooks lists you want to synchronize?

    If you leave a list unselected, names on the list are not synchronized. For example, if you select the Customers & Jobs list and Other Names list but leave the Vendor list unselected, no vendor names will be synchronized.

  • Did you select the wrong Outlook folder as the default folder?

    During a synchronization, QuickBooks data can be added only to one Outlook folder—the default folder that you selected during the synchronization setup wizard. To make a different folder the default, run the wizard again.

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