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Improve synchronization accuracy

Certain situations can affect the accuracy of your synchronizations. The suggestions below will help you avoid synchronization problems.


In QuickBooks, always enter company names in a consistent manner. For example, if you enter “Intuit Inc.” in the Company Field, also enter “Intuit Inc.” in the Address field. Entering the company name differently (“Intuit,” for example) could cause synchronization problems.

Where possible, limit street addresses to two lines in both QuickBooks and your contact manager. Instead of:

123 Main St.
Suite 2100
MS 543
Anytown, CA 99999


123 Main St.
Suite 2100, MS 543
Anytown, CA 99999

If you have to change a company name or a contact name after you have performed your first synchronization, enter the change both in QuickBooks and your contact manager. This helps the address synchronize correctly.

Five digit mail stops may be interpreted as a zip code during synchronization, producing unexpected results.

Address lines in QuickBooks have a 41 character limit. If an address line is longer than 41 characters in your contact manager, QuickBooks asks you to shorten it when you synchronize. The changes you make are reflected both in QuickBooks and your contact manager.


If you delete a name from QuickBooks but keep the name in your contact manager, your next synchronization will add the name back to your QuickBooks records if your contact manager doesn't know you want to exclude the name from QuickBooks. To keep the name from reappearing, manually categorize it as QB Ignore, or mark it as Personal or Private, in your contact manager.

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