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About contact management synchronization

If you use Microsoft Outlook to manage contact information, you can synchronize your contact data with QuickBooks. Synchronization saves you from having to enter names, addresses, and other contact information a second time.

To synchronize your contacts between Outlook and QuickBooks, you must be using:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, or 2007.

Outlook Express is not supported.

How synchronization works

Normally, synchronization simultaneously updates data in both your contact manager and QuickBooks. Suppose a customer's phone number changes and you enter the new number in your contact manager but not in QuickBooks. Suppose also that a vendor's address changes and you enter that change in QuickBooks but not your contact manager. When you synchronize, the phone number gets updated in QuickBooks and the address gets updated in your contact manager. This brings QuickBooks and your contact manager up to date with each other.

If you need to, you can limit synchronization to one direction only—from QuickBooks to your contact manager, or from your contact manager to QuickBooks. This is useful when all your contact data resides in one program and you want to move it to the other.

Some important limitations affect synchronization. To learn about them, click here.

What can you synchronize?

  • Customer contact information with your Customers & Jobs list

  • Vendor contact information with your Vendor list.

  • Any kind of contact information with your Other Names list.

What can't you synchronize?

  • Employee contact information with your Employee list.

QuickBooks names are always preserved

When you synchronize, names are never deleted from QuickBooks. If you delete a name from your contact manager and then synchronize your data, the name remains in QuickBooks even though it is no longer in your contact manager records.

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