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How to use the Duplicate name in QuickBooks window

QuickBooks already has an entry in the Customer:Job, Vendor, Employee, or Other names list with this contact name. You can add this name to QuickBooks, but it must be listed differently than the existing entry.

To add the name

  1. In the Unique Name field, enter how you want the name to be listed in QuickBooks.

    The field suggests adding the contact's company name to the listing, but you can list the name any way you want to distinguish it from the original entry. For example, you can have "John Smith" and "John Q Smith" as entries in your QuickBooks lists, but not "John Smith" twice.

  2. Click OK.

To exclude the name

  • Click Skip.

This causes the name to be ignored in this synchronization, but not future synchronizations. If you do not want to this contact name to be flagged as a duplicate in the future, categorize it as QB Ignore in your contact manager.

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