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Make a credit card payment from the Online Banking Center

If you have a direct connection to your credit card provider, they may send you a reminder that a payment is due. Then you can make a payment on the credit card directly from the Online Banking Center.


To do this task

  1. Open the Online Banking Center. Open the Online Banking Center

  2. Go to the Financial Institution drop-down arrow and click the credit card provider.

  3. Go to the Items Received list and click the payment reminder.

  4. Click the Payment Information button.

    The reminder tells you the closing date of the statement, the payment's due date, the minimum payment amount, and the total balance owing.

  5. Click the Make Payment button.

  6. In the Amount to Pay section either click the minimum amount or the full amount, or else enter another amount to pay.

  7. In the Payment Will Be section, click how you want to make the payment: by printed check, handwritten check, or online vendor payment, if you use this service.

  8. In the Pay From section, click the Bank Account drop-down arrow and then click the account to pay from.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Review the information in the Write Checks window.

    • If needed, choose the Customer:Job for the payment.

  11. Save the payment.

    Save the payment.
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