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Pay a vendor online using a register

After you have added the online vendor payment service to an account, you can use the account's register to pay a vendor online.

Important: If you are paying a bill you have already entered into QuickBooks, create the online payment from the Pay Bills window instead. Otherwise, QuickBooks will not mark the bill as paid.

Creating the payment

To do this task

  1. Make sure that the vendor to pay is set up as an online payee.

  2. Open the register of the account to make the payment from.

  3. Go to the empty transaction that has the date highlighted at the bottom of the register.

  4. Click in the Date field and enter the date you want the check to be delivered or processed.


    QuickBooks calculates the appropriate lead time for this vendor and enters the correct date.

  5. Click in the Number column. Delete any number that is there and type SEND.

  6. Click in the Payee field and choose the vendor to pay.

  7. Click in the Payment column and then enter the amount to pay.

  8. (Optional) Click the Memo field and enter a note to your payee.

    If you select Memo, a check voucher is printed with the information in the Transmit Memo field. The memo can include any information you want to give to the payee in addition to the account number, such as an invoice number. It can be up to 16 lines or 1120 characters.

    The check is not sent electronically and takes four business days to be delivered.

    You can see the information included on the online vendor payment check voucher by printing a copy of the check.

    Note: If you enter a memo, the payment will not be sent electronically. The payment processor will print and mail a check to the payee instead.

  9. Click the Record button to save the payment.

The payment appears in the Items to Send list of the Online Banking Center. When you go online, it is sent to the financial institution.

Sending the payment 


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