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Set up vendors so you can pay them online

As you set up online vendor payment, you need to record information about the vendors you want to pay online. Payees can be anyone to whom you want to send a payment. You can set up each online payee the first time you create an online vendor payment for that payee, or you can set up all your online payees in advance.

To do this task

  1. Set up the vendor, customer, employee, or other name in QuickBooks as you usually would.

  2. As you work, click the Address Info tab and check that the payee's name, address, and phone number are correct.

  3. Click the Additional Info tab and enter your account number with the payee (i.e. the code that the payee uses to identify you).

  4. Click OK.

If the payee can receive electronic funds transfers (EFTs), the financial institution's payment processor sends your payments electronically. If the payee cannot receive EFTs, the payment processor prints a check for you and mails it to the payee. Either way, your payment is delivered on or before the delivery date.

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