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Schedule online payments to vendors (Pay Bills window)

You can schedule online bill payments to vendors by entering the bills and payments in advance.

To do this task

  1. Enter the bills into QuickBooks as you usually would.

    What if I don't have the bills yet?

    If you don't have advance bills from the vendor, you can either:
    • Estimate the amount of each bill and enter that. You may have to correct the amount later.


    • Don't enter the bills into QuickBooks at all and instead of scheduling electronic bill payments, schedule electronic checks.

  2. Use the Pay Bills window to select each bill in turn and create an online payment for it as you usually would.

    Important: As you create each payment, change the Delivery Date to when you would like the payment to be sent.

    All of the payments appear in the Items to Send list of the Online Banking Center.

  3. Decide whether to send the payment instructions to the financial institution now or later:

    • Send them all now. To do this, simply go online.


      All the scheduled payments are sent to the financial institution now, so to change or delete them, you have to send a cancellation. The financial institution sends the payments to the vendor according to the delivery dates you entered. The money comes out of your account at the financial institution on the delivery date.

    • Send them later, one by one. To do this, open the Online Banking Center Open the Online Banking Center and, before you go online, clear the checkmarks for the payments to send later.


      The scheduled payments are not sent to the financial institution, so you can change or delete them in QuickBooks if needed. However, you need to remember to send them on time (you can set up reminders for yourself). After you send a payment instruction, the financial institution sends the payment to the vendor according to the delivery date you entered. The money comes out of your checking account at the financial institution on the delivery date.

In both cases, your account balance in QuickBooks shows all payments as taken out of the account now.

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