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Inquire about an online payment to a vendor

If you pay vendors online, you can inquire about the status of a payment you have sent to your financial institution. Is this email?

Note: You cannot inquire about payments you have not sent yet.

Creating an inquiry

To do this task

  1. Open the register of the account you made the payment from.

  2. In the register, locate the transaction you want to inquire about.

  3. Click the transaction to select it.

  4. Go to the Banking menu and click Online Banking, then click Inquire About Online Banking Payment.

  5. (Optional) To include a message with your inquiry, click the Include text message checkbox to select it. Then enter your question or comment about the payment in the Message section.

  6. Click OK when you are done.

The inquiry appears in the Items to Send list of the Online Banking Center. When you go online, it is sent to the financial institution.

Sending the inquiry 


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