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Pay a vendor online using the Pay Bills window

After you have added the online vendor payment service to an account, you can use the Pay Bills window to pay a vendor online.

Important: If you are paying a bill you have not entered into QuickBooks yet, either enter the bill first or else create the online payment from the Write Checks window instead.

Creating the payment

How does the Pay Bills window work?

In the Pay Bills window, QuickBooks lists all unpaid bills or all bills due as of a date you enter. You select the bills that you want to pay, and QuickBooks then writes and saves the checks or credit card charges or sends the online banking payment instructions. You also can apply a discount or credits to an individual bill as you're creating the payment for it.

To do this task

  1. Make sure that the vendor to pay is set up as an online payee.

  2. Go to the Vendors menu and click Pay Bills. Open the Pay Bills window

  3. Select the bill(s) to pay.

    Select only those bills that you want to pay with the specified Payment Account, Payment Method, and Payment Date settings.

    Do I have enough money in my account to pay the selected bills?

    When you select a bill, compare its Amt. To Pay column against the Ending Balance for the selected Payment Account. If the Ending Balance is a negative number, you do not have enough money in the account to pay all of the bills that you've already selected.

    To select a bill to pay

    1. Click in the Checkmark column next to the bill.

    To select all bills in the list

    1. Click the Select All Bills button.

    To unmark all bills and start over

    1. Click the Clear Selections button.

    Note: It's a good idea to limit a vendor's payment to 16 bills or fewer, since printed copies of the transaction can only show 16 bills.

    What if don't see all my bills?

    What if I just want to pay part of a bill?

    To pay only part of a bill now, find the bill in the list and enter the amount to pay in the Amt. to Pay column.

  4. Set any discount or credits that you want to apply to the bill(s).

  5. Click the Payment Account drop-down arrow and then click the checking account with the online vendor payment service.

  6. Click the Payment Method drop-down arrow and then click Online Bank Pmt.

  7. (Optional) Click the Include reference no. checkbox to select it, if you want bill or credit reference numbers to be sent along with your name and account number.

    Note: If you select this option, the payment will not be sent electronically. The payment processor will print and mail a check to the payee instead.

  8. (Optional) Change the date(s) as needed.

    If your payment processor requires lead time to prepare the payment, QuickBooks shows both the Process On date (the date the funds are withdrawn from your account) and a Delivery On date for the payment. Otherwise, there is only a payment date.

  9. Click the Pay Selected Bills button to record the bill payment.

    The Payment Summary window opens to show the bills that were successfully recorded.

The payment appears in the Items to Send list of the Online Banking Center. When you go online, it is sent to the financial institution.

Sending the payment 


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