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Change your sign in information (DirectConnect)

Important: Other than your password, do not change your logon information for online services unless your financial institution asks you to.

How you change your logon information depends on the type of connection offered by your financial institution or credit card provider.

To do this task

  1. Open the Online Services tab of the account to change.

  2. If your financial institution has asked you, change these fields as needed:

  3. In the bottom section of the Set Up Online Services window, confirm that

    • all online services you want to use with this QuickBooks account are selected.

    • online services you don't want to use are cleared.

      Important: Clearing a checkbox only turns the service off in QuickBooks, not at your financial institution. Fees for the service will continue until you contact your financial institution and stop the service there, too.

  4. Click Save & Close to close the Edit Account window.

  5. Go online as you usually would to check that the new logon information is correct.

    What if the logon information doesn't work?


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