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WebConnect vs. DirectConnect

For online banking, financial institutions allow QuickBooks to connect to their computers in two ways:

  • Always through a Web browser, for receiving data only (WebConnect). More

    With WebConnect, you visit the financial institution's Web site to download transactions.

    After you set up your account, you can:

    • Use QuickBooks to access your financial institution's Web site.

    • Manually download transactions from the Web site and then import them into QuickBooks.


  • Directly, without having to use a Web browser, for both sending and receiving information (DirectConnect). More

    With DirectConnect, QuickBooks downloads transactions directly from the financial institution's servers, without using a Web browser.

    After you set up your account, you can:

    • Use QuickBooks to securely download transactions.

    • Use other types of online services with the account, if your financial institution supports them. These services may include online vendor payment, online transfers between accounts, and e-mail to the financial institution.

Your financial institution should tell you which method you will use in the information package that contains your Customer ID, password, and other sign in information.

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