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Change Password window

You can change your password (also called a PIN) whenever you want.

You must change your password the first time you go online, and your financial institution may also require you change it from time to time. When that happens, QuickBooks automatically prompts you to change it.

To do this task

  1. Go online as you usually would.

  2. When you are asked for your Password, enter your current password as you usually would.

    If you have never changed your password before, use the one that your financial institution sent you when you applied for online service.

    What if I forget my password?


    What if my password doesn't work?

  3. Click the Change password button.

  4. Enter a New Password.

    What characters can I use in my new password?

  5. For verification, enter the new password again in the Re-Enter New Password field.

  6. Click OK to close the Change Password window.

  7. Click OK again to go online and send the new password to your financial institution.

The new password will be active in a few moments.

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