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Information you need to use online services

Before you can add online banking or online vendor payment to a QuickBooks account, you need information from your financial institution.

You need a:

  • Customer ID.

  • password or PIN. (Some financial institutions require more than one.)

If you are using DirectConnect, and depending on your financial institution, you may also need some or all of these:

Important: You cannot add online services to a QuickBooks account until you have received all of the information your financial institution requires. It allows you to access your account(s) through the financial institution's computers.

You will likely get your logon information by mail a few weeks after you activate online service, but you may also receive it by phone or in person. Often, your password or PIN is mailed separately. If you do not receive everything you need, contact your financial institution.

How can I tell if I have WebConnect or DirectConnect?

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