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Match downloaded transactions to ones in QuickBooks

After you download transactions, you need to match them to the ones in QuickBooks. Why?

You can tell what transactions your financial institution has processed and which ones have not cleared the bank yet. You can also tell if the financial institution has processed any transactions that are not in QuickBooks, so you can add them to your records.

To do this task

  1. Open the Add Transactions to QuickBooks window.

    QuickBooks tries to match downloaded transactions to any entries in your register automatically. If a match can't be found, QuickBooks tries to create register transactions using renaming rules. You can review the matches before adding them to the register.

    What does QuickBooks look at to make a match?

  2. Review the status that QuickBooks assigned to each transaction and decide what to do:

    Note: Click Show to view new or matched transactions in the list; click Hide if you don't want to view them in the list.

When all downloaded transactions are matched and added to QuickBooks, the number to review in the Items Received section of the Online Banking Center is zero (0).

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