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Manually match downloaded transactions to ones in QuickBooks

Sometimes QuickBooks may not match a downloaded transaction with its counterpart in the register . If this happens, you can manually match the two.

To do this task

  1. Click an unmatched transaction in the Downloaded Transactions pane.

  2. Click the More matching options link, and then click Match to an existing QuickBooks transaction.

  3. Click the transaction in the Unmatched transactions in QuickBooks list that matches the Downloaded transaction. What transactions are in this list?

    The Unmatched Transactions in QuickBooks list shows all the transactions in your account register that could match to the downloaded transaction: payments for Money Out transactions, deposits for Money In transactions.

    Click Last 30 days to show only the last 30 days of unmatched transactions or click Show all to show all unmatched transactions.

    The amount in the transaction you select should match the amount in the downloaded transaction. If it does not, when you save the match you make, the amount in QuickBooks will be changed to the amount in the downloaded transaction.

  4. Click Add Match to QuickBooks.

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