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Transfer funds online using the Transfer Funds window

To transfer funds online, both accounts must be at the same financial institution. Also, both must be set up for online access in QuickBooks.

Creating a transfer

To do this task

  1. Click the Banking menu and then click Transfer Funds. Open the Transfer Funds window

  2. In the Transfer Funds window, click the Transfer Funds From drop-down arrow and then click the account to transfer the funds from.

  3. click the Transfer Funds To drop-down arrow and then click the account to transfer the funds into.

  4. Click the Online Funds Transfer checkbox to select it.

    QuickBooks warns you if the accounts are not eligible for an online transfer.

  5. Click the Transfer Amount line and enter the amount to transfer.

  6. (Optional) Click in the Memo line and enter a note for yourself about this transfer.

  7. Save the transfer.


To complete the transfer, send the transfer instruction to your financial institution.

Sending the transfer 


When the transfer is sent, QuickBooks puts today's date in the Date field and a reference number in the Number field. Use this reference number if you need to discuss the transfer with your financial institution.

Once sent, you can only edit the Memo field in the Transfer Funds window. You cannot change the accounts, amount, or date.

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