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Record a deposit (online banking)

A deposit often contains more than one item (checks, cash, and so on), but your financial institution records a single deposit amount. Because of this, QuickBooks can't always match a deposit to all the individual items in your register. So for each deposit, you must either:

  • Select Money In register entries that are part of the deposit

  • Create new Money In register entries for ones you didn't enter yet

The total of the amounts in the entries you select or create should match the downloaded deposit amount.

To do this task

  1. Select an unmatched deposit in the Downloaded Transactions pane.

  2. For items in the deposit that you already entered into QuickBooks:

    • Click the Undeposited Funds tab (for transactions not related to open invoices), and then click the checkbox for each item in the deposit.

    • Click the Open Invoices tab, then click the checkbox for each item in the deposit.

    • Items that you select appear in the Deposit List. For open invoice items, you can click the Amount field and change the amount when the deposited amount is not the same as the invoice amount.

  3. For items in the deposit that you haven't entered into QuickBooks, click an empty row in the Deposit list, and then click each field in the row to select or add the information about each QuickBooks entry.

    • In Received From, click a customer, a specific customer job, or a vendor.

      To enter a new payee into QuickBooks, click Add New in the list, click Customer and OK, and then add a new customer.

    • In From Account, click an account name.

      If you need to create a new QuickBooks account, click Add New in the list, and then add a new account.

    • In Memo, enter an optional memo.

    • If the item is a check, enter the check number in Chk No.

    • In Amount, enter the amount.

    Continue entering information until the totaled amounts equal the deposit amount and the Difference Remaining is $0.00.

  4. Click Add to QuickBooks.

The deposit is added to your register.

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