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Record a credit card credit (online banking)

When a downloaded transaction doesn't match an existing credit, create a credit to match it and add it to your register.

A credit into a credit card account is a Money In transaction. Why? A credit card credit decreases any balance owed and increases the amount of credit available to you.

To do this task

  1. Click an unmatched payment in the Downloaded Transactions pane.

  2. Click the Payee drop-down arrow, and then click a QuickBooks payee name.

    To enter a new payee into QuickBooks, click Add New in the list, click Customer and OK, and then add a new vendor.

  3. If the account for the payee isn't correct, click the Account drop-down arrow and select an account name.

    If you need to create a new QuickBooks account, click Add New in the list, and then add a new account.

  4. If you want to split the transaction, change the date, or add a memo, click Show splits, memo, date, number.

  5. To enter splits, click a row in the Expenses table, then click each field in the row to select or add the information about each split.

  6. Click Add to QuickBooks.

The credit is added to your register.

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