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Record a bill payment (online banking)

You can apply a Money Out banking transaction toward a bill you entered in QuickBooks.

To do this task

  1. Click an unmatched payment in the Downloaded Transactions pane.

  2. Click More matching options, and then click Select open bills to pay in QuickBooks.

  3. Click the Vendor drop-down arrow, and then click a vendor name.

    To enter a new vendor into QuickBooks, click Add New in the list, click Vendor and OK, and then add a new vendor.

  4. Click the Account drop-down arrow, and then click an Accounts Payable account name. You'll see all open bills from that vendor.

    If you need to create a new QuickBooks account, click Add New in the list, and then add a new account.

  5. Click the check box next to a bill.

  6. Enter the Amount to Pay in the transaction that applies to the bill.

  7. If the payment total doesn't match the downloaded amount, click the check box for another bill from the same vendor.

  8. Click Add to QuickBooks.

The payment is added to your register.

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