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Delete downloaded transactions (online banking)

You can easily delete downloaded transactions that do not belong in your company file.

For example, if you're using your checking account for both business and non-business purposes, and you do not want your downloaded non-business transactions to match to your QuickBooks entries, delete your non-business transactions after you download.

To do this task

  1. Open the Add Transactions to QuickBooks window.

    1. Go to the Banking menu and click Online Banking, and then click Online Banking Center.
    2. If there is a number greater than 0 in the No. To Review column, click on the number or the Add Transactions to QuickBooks button.
  2. Click Select Items to Delete.

  3. Select the transactions you want to delete:

    • Click Select individual transactions, and then click transactions in the list.

    • Click Select all downloaded transactions older than, then click the date drop-down arrow, and then select a date.

  4. Click Delete Selected.

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