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Add Transactions to QuickBooks window

The Add Transactions to QuickBooks window is where you review downloaded transactions that QuickBooks:

  • Matched to existing register transactions

  • Created (new transactions) to add to the register using renaming rules

  • Could not match to any existing transactions nor create using renaming rules

How do I get here?

  1. Go to the Banking menu and click Online Banking, and then click Online Banking Center.
  2. If the number in the No. To Review column is greater than 0, click the number or the Add Transactions to QuickBooks button.

The left pane shows how many of each type, as well as the total downloaded. You can show or hide any category in the list.

Click an individual transaction to record matched or prefilled transactions and match unmatched transactions, or click Add Multiple to record multiple transactions in your register.

The right pane shows details about the transaction you select in the left pane. In the right pane, you can:

If you go to another window from the Add Transactions to QuickBooks window and you have made changes in the right pane, you will lose those changes. The exception is when you press Ctrl+E to edit the transaction in the window for that transaction type. In that case, any information you have entered will be transferred from the right pane to the new window.

If you need to create sales receipts or if you have expenses with items, create those transactions outside the Add Transactions to QuickBooks window.

Finish Later vs. Done buttons

You don't have to review all of your matched and renamed transactions and record new transactions for unmatched downloaded transactions.

At any time, even if you have transactions to review and add, you can click Finish Later to close the window. All matched and renamed transactions will be automatically added to your register. (Unmatched transactions are unaffected and will remain in the Downloaded Transactions list.)

When no transactions remain to review or add, the button changes to Done, which you can click to simply exit the window.

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