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Why won't a payment I added to the register match a downloaded payment?

QuickBooks uses amounts and dates to match downloaded transactions.

Amounts must match exactly. Dates can be within 30 days.

Potential Cause

The transaction was added with the wrong amount or the wrong date.

Common causes of incorrect date are reversing the day and month (for example 12/04/2012 as opposed to 04/12/2012) or entering the wrong year.


Correct the amount or date, and then return to online banking. When you open the Add Transactions to QuickBooks window, the transaction should match.

To do this task

  1. In the Match Transactions window, locate the payment in the register section.

  2. Click in the Amount or Date field and enter the amount or date shown in the electronic statement.

  3. Click Save & Close.

The entries should now match.

To a lesser extent, check numbers can also affect matching. If you enter a transaction without a check number or with a check number different from the corresponding one in the downloaded transaction, it might not match the downloaded one.

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