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Online Banking Center window

Use the Online Banking Center to:

  • View the most recent online balances for your banking accounts and compare them to your QuickBooks balances

    Select a financial institution from the drop-down list to see the most recently downloaded balances for all the accounts you set up for online banking at that financial institution. You can also see the date when you last downloaded transactions.
  • Download transactions that have cleared your financial institution

    Click Send/Receive Transactions.
    • If the account uses a direct connection to your financial institution (DirectConnect), you'll see a window where you enter your password, then all new transactions that have cleared will be downloaded into QuickBooks.
    • If the account uses a Web connection (WebConnect), your financial institution's website will be loaded into a browser window. You can then sign in, download your transactions, and then import them into QuickBooks.
  • Create transactions to send to your financial institution (if you have DirectConnect)

    Click Write Online Checks, Transfer Funds, or Pay Bills in the Actions list (if you have DirectConnect).
  • Start the matching process to add downloaded transactions to QuickBooks

    Click Add Transactions to QuickBooks.

Open the Online Banking Center


Main areas

  • Financial institutions: Select a financial institution where you have set up online banking to view

    • The latest downloaded balances of all accounts there

    • The date you last downloaded transactions

    The checkbox next to the account name controls which account's transactions get downloaded when you click the Send/Receive Transactions button.

  • Items to Send list: Shows the instructions and messages waiting to be sent to your financial institution, such as:

    All items with a number in the No. to send column are sent when you click the Send/Receive Transactions button.

    Before they are sent, you can edit and delete items.

  • Items Received list: Shows the items received from your financial institution, such as

  • Tool links: Provides access to information and settings:

    • Contact information for the selected financial institution.

    • View the Online Banking Center tutorial.

    • Manage renaming rules.

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