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Download transactions for an account

When you go online, you visit your financial institution's Web site and tell it to send an account transactions to QuickBooks. When QuickBooks receives the transactions, it displays it in the Online Banking Center so you can work with them.

To do this task

  1. Open the Online Banking Center. Open the Online Banking Center

  2. Click the Financial Institution drop-down arrow and then click a financial institution.

  3. Click the Send/Receive Transactions button.

    QuickBooks opens a Web browser and connects to your financial institution's Web site.

  4. Log on to the Web site using the information from your financial institution.

  5. Use the Web site to download transactions to QuickBooks.

    What if I'm asked whether to open or save a .QBO file?

    When the download starts, your Web browser may ask if you want to Open or Save a .QBO file. “QBO” is the format of files from Web sites that contain banking transactions and that QuickBooks can read and import.

    Click Open to have QuickBooks process the file as soon as the download is finished (suggested).

    You can also click Save to save the file for later, but you will have to manually import it into QuickBooks.

When QuickBooks finishes processing the transactions, they appear in the Items Received list in the Online Banking Center. How do I view it?

What if...

This is the first time I'm going online

When you go online for the first time, use the password provided by your financial institution when the Web site asks for it. You may be asked to change it.

I get a message that my account is not recognized

I need to manually import the transactions (.QBO file) into QuickBooks

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