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Register Mode: Remove online services from an account

If you no longer need an online service, you can remove it from your QuickBooks account.

To do this task

  1. Contact your financial institution and cancel the service.

    Important: Any fees for the service will continue until this step is complete.

  2. In QuickBooks, open the Online Services tab of the account to change.

    1. Click Home.

    2. Click Chart of Accounts in the Company section. Open the Chart of Accounts window

    3. Single-click the account to change.

    4. Click the Account button at the bottom of the Chart of Accounts and then click Edit Account.

    5. Click the Online Services tab.

  3. In the bottom section of the window, confirm that

    • all online services you want to use with this QuickBooks account are selected.

    • online services you don't want to use are cleared.

  4. Click Save & Close to close the Edit Account window.

If you remove the online banking service from an account, information downloaded from your financial institution won't show in the account's register any more. However, the information isn't deleted. If you add the service again later, the hidden information will show in the account's register again.

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