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Register Mode: Allow or prevent access to online banking

Only the QuickBooks Administrator can do this.

If other people use this copy of QuickBooks or if several networked copies of QuickBooks share one company file, you can control who may use online banking.

Set up each person who uses QuickBooks as a user, and then give each user access to the parts of QuickBooks that he or she needs.

To do this task

  1. Click the Company menu and then click Set Up Users. Open the Set Up Users wizard

  2. Click the Add User button.

  3. For the first person who uses QuickBooks, enter:

    • A User Name.

    • A password, first in the Password and then in the Confirm Password field.

    Then click the Next button.

  4. Click Selected areas of QuickBooks, and then click the Next button.

  5. Decide which areas of QuickBooks to give the user access to.

    To use online banking, the user must at least be able to create transactions in these areas:

    • Sales and Accounts Receivable

    • Purchases and Accounts Payable

    • Checking and Credit Cards

    • Sensitive Accounting Activities

    • Change or Delete Transactions

    To block online banking, don't give the user access to Sensitive Accounting Activities.

  6. Review the table that summarizes the access rights you granted.

    If you need to make a change, click Prev to return to the appropriate window.

  7. Click the Finish button to leave the Wizard.

  8. Set up all other users in the same way.

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