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Register Mode: WebConnect vs. DirectConnect

For online banking, financial institutions allow QuickBooks to connect to their computers in two ways:

  • Always through a Web browser (WebConnect). More

    With WebConnect, you visit the financial institution's Web site to download electronic statements.

    After you set up your account, you can:

    • Use QuickBooks to access your financial institution's Web site.

    • Manually download electronic statements from the Web site and then import them into QuickBooks.


  • Directly, without having to use a Web browser (DirectConnect). More

    With DirectConnect, QuickBooks downloads electronic statements directly from the financial institution's servers, without using a Web browser.

    After you set up your account, you can:

    • Use QuickBooks to securely download electronic statements.

    • Use other types of online services with the account, if your financial institution supports them. These services may include online vendor payment, online transfers between accounts, and e-mail to the financial institution.

Your financial institution should tell you which method you will use in the information package that contains your Customer ID, password, and other logon information.

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