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Register Mode: Undo matches that QuickBooks has made

Sometimes, as QuickBooks matches transactions in an electronic statement to ones in the register, it makes a match that you don't agree with. When this happens, you can manually undo the match.

To do this task

  1. Open the Match Transactions window and make sure that the register is showing.

    1. Open the Online Banking Center. Open the Online Banking Center

    2. Download an electronic statement the way you usually do.

    3. View the electronic statement.

    4. In the Match Transactions window, make sure that the Show Register checkbox is selected. If it isn't, click it to select it.

  2. Click the transaction in the electronic statement (at the bottom of the window) that you want to unmatch.

  3. Click the Unmatch button.

    QuickBooks changes the status of the transaction in the electronic statement to unmatched. Now you can manually match the transaction to a different one in the register, if you want.

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