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Register Mode: How QuickBooks matches transactions in electronic statements to ones in the register

To make a match, QuickBooks looks at the:

  • Check numbers. If these match, the transactions may match.

  • Amounts. If the amounts are the same, the transactions may match.

  • Dates. If the transaction was recorded in QuickBooks within a few days of it clearing the bank, the transactions may match.

  • Payees. If the payees are the same or if the payee in the electronic statement has an alias to a name in QuickBooks, the transactions may match.


Transactions in the electronic statement that correspond to a transaction in this account in QuickBooks are marked as matched. If QuickBooks can't find a matching transaction in the register, the transaction in the electronic statement stays marked as unmatched.

Note: The first time you download an electronic statement for this account, QuickBooks searches both the transactions marked as "cleared" in the Reconcile window as well as non-cleared transactions for matches. Going forward, though, QuickBooks only searches the non-cleared transactions for matches.

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