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Register Mode: Read a message from your financial institution

If you have a direct connection to your financial institution, you can receive messages from them. Is this email?


To do this task

  1. Open the Online Banking Center. Open the Online Banking Center

  2. Go to the Financial Institution drop-down arrow and click the financial institution you wrote the message to.

  3. Go to the Items Received list and click the message you want to read to select it.

  4. Click the View button.

Messages can be for your information or they may require you to do something. Some messages remain in the Items Received area until you take the appropriate action.

The icon in front of the message tells you what kind of message it is.

The icon in front of a message in the Items Received area shows what kind of message it is.

  • A red flag means that you must follow the instructions in the message immediately.

    If you pay vendors online, you may not be able to send any more payment instructions until you have finished.

  • Two right-pointing arrows means that your financial institution has changed its online banking or online vendor payment system. The message will help you move to the new system.

  • A checklist means that the message is informational with some action required from you.

  • The letter "I" in a circle means that the message is for your information.

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