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To do this task

  1. If you have a dial-up Internet connection, connect to the Internet as you usually would.

    • Dial-up Internet connection: You use a modem to connect to the Internet through a standard telephone line. You probably have a dial-up connection if your computer dials a phone number before it connects to the Internet. Many home connections are dial-up.

    • Direct Internet connection: Your computer is always connected to the Internet and you don't have to do anything to access it. Direct connections can include Local Area Networks (LANs), cable modems, DSL modems, ISDN connections, and wireless connections. Many business connections are direct.

  2. Open the Online Banking Center. Open the Online Banking Center

  3. Click the Financial Institution drop-down arrow and then click the financial institution to connect to.

  4. Go to the Items to Send list and make sure all the items to send have checkmarks next to them.

    A checkmark next to an item in the Items to Send list means that it will be sent to your financial institution when you click the Go Online button.

    If you do not want to send the item, single-click it to clear the checkmark. It will not be sent until the next time you go online.

    If one does not, single-click it to give it a checkmark.

  5. Click the Go Online button.

  6. Enter your password and then click OK.

All the items with checkmarks in the Items to Send area are sent to your financial institution.

QuickBooks then downloads items from your financial institution, such as electronic statements and messages. These appear in the Items Received list. How do I view them?

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