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Register Mode: Link an unknown payee to a name in QuickBooks (aliasing)

Financial institutions often use different names for your customers or vendors than the ones you enter into QuickBooks. When you download electronic statements, these differences stop QuickBooks from properly matching the transactions in the statements to the ones in QuickBooks.

When this happens, you can create an alias to link the payee in the statement to the name in QuickBooks. Then whenever QuickBooks finds that payee name in a downloaded statement, it will treat it as if it were the name you linked it to in QuickBooks. Example


For example, you might have a vendor called "The Bike Barn" in QuickBooks. But when you download an electronic statement, your financial institution might call the same vendor "BikeBarn."

You can use an alias to link the name that appears in statements with the one you have in QuickBooks. Then QuickBooks can match transactions in statements with the ones in QuickBooks accurately, preventing incorrect duplicate entries in your books.

To do this task

  1. Turn aliases on, if they have been turned off. (By default, they are turned on.)

  2. Download an electronic statement as you usually would.

  3. From the statement, add the transaction with the unknown payee to the register:

  4. When QuickBooks asks what to do with the unrecognized payee, click the Create Alias button.

  5. In the Create Alias window, click the drop-down arrow and then click the name in QuickBooks to link to the downloaded name.

  6. Click OK.

Once the alias has been created, QuickBooks will always link the downloaded payee to the name in QuickBooks.

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