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Entering credit card payments for a QuickBooks merchant account

What you should know before processing a credit card payment

You enter credit card payments in the same way that you record other payments (such as payments by cash or check), by using the Receive Payments or the Enter Sales Receipts window.

To process the payment online through the Merchant Service, select the "Process credit card payment when saving" option. Or, if you're using a card reader, click Swipe Card on the toolbar, and follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: If you are using an Accountant's Copy of a company file, you cannot process credit card payments.

Which window should I use to enter credit card payments?

  • Receive Payments: If you are receiving payment for a sale that you previously entered on an invoice or statement, use the Receive Payments window to record and process the customer's payment.

  • Enter Sales Receipts: If you are recording a sale and receiving immediate payment, use the Enter Sales Receipts window.

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