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Receiving credit card payments (if you don't use the Merchant Service for QuickBooks)

  1. Record the sale using a sales receipt, invoice, or statement charge.

  2. Process the payment through your merchant account processor.

    If you are recording an immediate payment through a sales receipt (that is, where you do not need to provide an invoice or statement for the sale), skip step 3, then continue with step 4.

  3. When you receive payment for the sale, go to the Customers menu and click Receive Payments.

  4. Click the Pmt. Method drop-down list and choose the credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and so on) that your customer is using.

  5. If your preferences are set to use the undeposited funds account by default, the payment will automatically go into that account. If you want to use a different account, you must turn off this preference in the Sales & Customers preferences so the Deposit To field appears.

    How does the undeposited funds account work?

  6. (Daily or Weekly) Deposit your credit card payments.

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